What We Do

Hope Floats is the vehicle through which people like you, businesses, and government can pool together to do something extraordinary:   Save the lives of children across the globe by giving them the life-saving skill of swimming.  Hope Floats raises money by partnering with individuals, just like yourself, businesses, and government that want to do good works in their community.   That money is used to give scholarships and tuition assistance to underprivileged children who might not otherwise be able to afford swim lessons.   

Did You Know?

Drowning Facts:

  • Drowning is the Leading Cause of Accidental Death in the U.S. for Ages 4 & Under (CDC).
  • Drowning is the 2nd Leading Cause of Accidental Death in the U.S. for Ages 14 & Under (CDC).
  • Globally, the highest drowning rates are among children 1-4 years, followed by children 5-9 years (World Health Organization).
  • Lower socioeconomic status is associated with higher risk of drowning (WHO).
  • African American children in the U.S. drown at rates 5.5 times higher than whites (CDC).

Scientific Benefits of Swimming for Children:

  • Participation in formal swim lessons reduces risk of drowning by 88%! (National Institute of Health, Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, 2009)
  • Children who learn to swim at a young age, not only are able to save their own life, but are reaching developmental milestones earlier than the norm.
  • According to Griffith University research (2013), young children who participate in swim lessons at an early age boosts the development of the Whole Child and are:
    • 20 months ahead in understanding directions
    • 17 months ahead in story recall
    • 10 months ahead in cognitive skills
    • 7 months ahead in fine motor skills

How Can I Help?

Hope Floats Foundation is a partnership of caring businesses, individuals, and swim schools that give back to the community and make a difference by saving lives every day through the life-saving gift of swimming.
— Cindy Tonnesen, Hope Floats Founder