Are you a Business Owner with a Big Heart?

Your partnership with Hope Floats Foundation will save a child's life!   While not a requirement, Hope Floats encourages socially conscious business partners who want to participate to adopt a “Buy One, Give One” strategy.  Buy a product from your company, and give a lesson to a child in need.   It’s a wonderful way for your business to give back to the communities you serve and to share the gift of giving with your customers. “Buy One, Give One” is a strategy that customers love. In day-to-day purchases, who wouldn't choose to buy from a company that is providing the product or service you need, while also saving the lives of children?  It’s a competitive advantage for businesses, and we all know in our hearts that it just feels right. It allows us as consumers, to go about our everyday lives knowing that our wise purchasing decisions are saving children's lives.

Hope Floats assists partners with fundraising by providing education materials to help plan and organize your own events, community support, and a drop-in form for your website for donations.


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